Tips When Using Paypal at Online Casinos

If you are looking for a way to fund your online casino account, Paypal may be the way to go. You simply need to open a Paypal account and fund it and you will be ready to transfer funds to your online casino account to begin playing. Paypal and casinos go well together as long as you understand how they work. Take into consideration some of the tips provided here to help your transactions work more smoothly.

Opening a PayPal Account

Before you start, you must have a Paypal account that is linked to a way to fund it, such as a bank account or credit card. Take into account these tips when opening a new account.

  • Have an active email account – In order to be able to use Paypal, all you need is an email address, but you must make sure that the email address is active in order for you to pass the registration process.
  • Make sure your card is suitable for online payments – There is flexibility in the way that you can fund your Paypal account. You can attach it to a bank account or to a credit card or debit card. Just make sure the card is suitable for online payments before you go through the process of attaching it to your Paypal account.
  • Have funds on your card – Once you completed the registration details, your email address and the card you attached to the account must be verified. In order for your card to be verified you need to have funds on it ($2). The amount will be returned to your account once it has been verified.

Using PayPal at Casinos

When making a transaction with Paypal at an online casino, you should take the following into account:

  • Currency conversion – Paypal offers instant currency conversion at a rate that is fixed by Paypal. You will be charged a currency conversion fee or you can refuse this service.
  • Claiming bonuses when using Paypal – Many times you will prefer to use Paypal and casinos will reward you for doing just that. There are online casinos that offer special deposit bonuses when you make a deposit using one of their preferred payment options and these may include Paypal. Check the terms of the bonus to make sure you don’t miss out before you make your deposit.
  • Check deposit and withdrawal terms – Different casinos have different terms and conditions when it comes to their payment options. Some will not allow you to use Paypal for deposits, while others will. In some cases you may need to pay the transaction fee for Paypal and casinos yourself, while other times the casino may absorb the fee. Check these terms out before you begin the transaction process so there are no surprises.

Paypal and casinos are a good combination if you understand how it works and make sure to have everything set up and in place before you want to start playing. If your Paypal transaction goes smoothly, you can be playing for real money at the casino almost instantly.